Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) in uncertain times – What’s New?

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) in uncertain times – What’s New?

The session will explore how peacebuilding actors, with particular emphasis on intra-State and local actors, ensure that their efforts in stabilizing peace and promoting security and development generate maximum and more sustainable desired impact.

This task, conceptually and operationally challenging under normal circumstances in a developing country context, is currently made more challenging under the restrictive conditions imposed by COVID-19 – conditions which are likely to persist for some time to come.

Some Development Partners / Donor Countries are currently allowing for more flexibility in development evaluation during the COVID-19 emergency period, and encourage a more strategic use of results frameworks, coupled with greater reliance on locally defined results and theories of change. “A critical factor that enables such an approach is a history of trust-building with decentralised staff and implementing partners, which allows for increased autonomy to adapt the development interventions while relaxing other accountability-driven oversight measures.” (OECD, Managing for Sustainable Results in Development Cooperation in Uncertain Times, June 2020, p. 6)

Contributing to ‘Building Back Better’ after the disruption caused by the pandemic, the session will encourage more locally-driven and country-led monitoring processes and evidence-based evaluation of development interventions through local actors.


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