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Geneva Peace Week 20

Geneva Peace Week 20

The Geneva Peace Week 2020 has been officially launched and the program for the peace week is now live. This year is a brand new edition, moved entirely online. #GPW20 aims to amplify the global voices, expertise, and wisdom that we need to collectively pursue creative solutions to the most difficult peace and security challenges we face today.

More than ever before, practitioners, policy-makers, researchers, governments, private sector actors, and concerned individuals need to come together to provide authentic leadership, clear vision and alternative narratives about how to make peace real.

You’ll find both live sessions and a pre-recorded digital series across a spectrum of topics from cyber peace to environmental peacebuilding, and harnessing the economy for peace in a COVID-19 era.

The program offers tracks with practical workshops and different ideas on “how to” build peace, showcases examples of initiatives and processes that are having a real impact for peace, as well as conversations about a new vision for peacemaking


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