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We received lots of nominations and applications for the Imp!act for Peace training and after a careful selection process, we have identified our 30 Finalists!

What is Imp!act For Peace?

The imp!act for peace-training is a 5 day long entrepreneurial training developed to support young people to become changemakers in their communities. In December 2019 the Imp!act For Peace will be happening in Liberia for the first time. Imp!act For Peace is a cooperation between the Angie Brooks International Centre (ABIC) and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).

Who can participate?

The training is delivered for selected young Liberians between 18-25 years of age from the region. The training is especially rewarding for young people who have entrepreneurial spirits or project ideas. However, the most important prerequisite for participating is the motivation to become a changemaker. During the training a group of 30 young people will develop innovative social enterprises and projects that contribute to their country’s ongoing peacebuilding efforts. Throughout the process the participants will be supported and mentored by experts from the public and the private sector and from other young changemakers.

What is the outcome?

The training will enable the participants to grow – both as individuals, as changemakers and as entrepreneurs. Throughout the training the participants will develop prototypes for social businesses that directly respond to their communities’ most pressing social, political, economic and environmental challenges. Additionally, the participants will come out of the training with strengthened workplace skills – such as creativity, innovation, teambuilding, project management, problem solving and value-based leadership. The support and mentoring provided in the program ensures, that the developed projects are designed for the context in which they should be implemented in, and last, but not least, this structure bridges the intergenerational divide between Liberian youth and their counterparts in the public and private sector, strengthening the grounds for sustainable peace and a propitious future.

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